• Runs as a Windows 7 Service. Does not alter Windows 7 compatibility.
  • Portable between Windows NT releases.


Supports up to 255 sessions from a single host PC.

Multiple sessions per terminal.

Remote user support. Allows multiple remote users to multitask sessions.

Communications security. Remote sessions that become disconnected are automatically reset.

Independent security per user.

Individual start-up files for each session.

Spooler support for terminal printer and AUX ports.

Direct, individual access of terminal ports.

Multi-processor support.

Network connectivity. Integrates with IGC’s MultiNode, Microsoft’s Windows Terminal Server and Windows NT versions 3.51 and above.

Shared peripherals such as printers, CD ROMs and modems.

Supports VT100, Wyse 50s, PCTERM and Relysis terminal emulations, DOS and Windows PCs Asynchronously, TCP/IP, and Telnet.

Takeover utility to control other sessions.

Individual start-up commands for each session and/or user.

Windows NT C2 level security. Users have log-ins and passwords and are given disk, file, and directory access rights.

Global Printing. Any user can print to any printer, connected to any workstation (local or remote).

System Performance Monitoring and Event Logging.

Status Utility. Provides a simple means of finding out which users are logged in and what applications they have open.

PCTERM Terminal Emulator Features

Included with MTerm Terminal Server.

Enables PCs (8088 and up) to serve as MTerm Terminal Server Workstations.

Emulates a color-text (CGA) terminal, connected via modem or null-modem cable, at baud rates up to 115.2 K.

Printer support at each PCTERM node.

Integrated dialing directory.

Idle time-out feature for remote users.

MTerm Terminal Server supports most Windows 7 compatible DOS, UNIX, Multi-user DOS, and OS/2 text applications. MTerm is ideally suited as a platform for:

Point of Sale

Point of Service

Replicated Sites

Education and Library


Distribution and Warehousing

Process Control

Server Requirements

Host PC:

Windows 7        32-bit

3.5″ floppy drive

2 MB RAM per terminal

Host COM ports, and/or multiport serial card with Windows 7 driver (Maxspeed, Digiboard, Comtrol, etc.)


Terminals which support PCTERM.

PCs running PCTERM terminal emulation program (included with MTerm Terminal Server).