Low Cost of Ownership
Your existing network of text terminals, Windows-based terminals, thin clients, and PCs provide the foundation for your MTerm Terminal Server solution. No need to buy expensive new hardware, software, cables, or equipment. MTerm is designed to run on the hardware and applications you already have. Which makes your total cost of ownership one of the lowest of any multi-user Windows 7-based applications.

MTerm connects remote sites, real-time, on-line, for the cost of a phone call to your local Internet Service Provider. MTerm establishes an IP-based connection between the remote computer and the Windows 7 host, creating a Virtual Private Network. Remote users access text-based applications over inexpensive dial-up connections. 

High Performance
All applications run from the host PC and are processed at bus speeds on the host. Users enjoy incredibly fast data transfer speeds allowing for higher processing volume. And multiprocessor support makes the system scalable to the speeds you need.

Remote Management and Access
Centralized control for remote management gives you control of multiple sites from any location. Remote access lets outside sales people, on-the-go managers, and work-at-home employees reach applications from any location over a dial-up server or wide area network. They stay productive by having privileges such as multitasking, data access, and network resources. And with MTerm, applications are accessible over the Internet. These features let your management team and your employees reach the application they need from any location.

Easy Deployment and Maintenance
MTerm installs effortlessly and provides a single point-of-control for application management, user support, and backup. The software upgrades are made on the server, then replicated rapidly to the existing workstations. There is no need for extensive retraining for administrators or end users.

Control and Security
MTerm offers a single point for user support, applications management, and backup. It incorporates Windows 7 security so that mission-critical data are protected. MTerm’s takeover feature allows managers to fully view and control the remote client, which makes training, logging off users, and troubleshooting much easier. Being able to monitor multiple sites from one location gives managers the control they need to keep their resources on-task and maintain security.