MTerm Terminal Server

Become an Application Service Provider with MTerm!

MTerm Terminal Server software can turn ISVs and resellers into ASPs with ease. Add MTerm to a Windows 7 server and your text-based applications can be quickly and inexpensively delivered to users over a wide area network via the Internet. This makes MTerm the perfect solution for providers who wish to offer their software to users on a rental basis.

MTerm’s robust, built-in Telnet client establishes an IP-based connection between the remote computer and the NT host, creating a Virtual Private Network. Through PCTERM, a royalty free 32-bit terminal emulation and browser add-on program included with MTerm, remote users access text-based applications over inexpensive local dial-up connections.

MTerm provides the fastest Windows 7 based platform for delivering applications through the Web. MTerm eliminates lag-time between keystrokes and screen updates-without the need for high bandwidth connections. As a server-based solution, MTerm frees administrators from the burden and expense of on-site installation and maintenance. In addition, MTerm’s concurrent-user licensing model ensures low cost per seat for both ASPs and end users.

MTerm is the fastest based platform for delivering text applications through the Web.