50 Out of stock. May 07, 2014 · Blackhorn 209 is currently the black powder substitute, or as the label proclaims "High Performance Muzzleloading Propellant", that tends to produce the fastest velocities - when loaded in the same volume amount as any other modern black powder substitute. 50 cal , but would like to shoot Blackhorn 209 powder Discussion in ' Muzzleloaders ' started by polar bear , Jul 17, 2015 . after being cleaned, and left for a few weeks, bore was found to be rusted and pitted. Those that had problems and removed Volume difference between Blackhorn 209 and Black Powder? Do any of you gentlemen know if there is a difference in charge weight when using Blackhorn 209 compared to regular black powder? If so, do you know what the conversion is? Sep 30, 2011 · Blackhorn 209 Powder. He is going to try his this week. the blackhorn is hotter than pyro. Be known that Blackhorn 209 will not shoot well out of all inline rifles. My son has the cva accura mr rifle. However, an Dec 28, 2016 · 170 gr. I usually do my tuning and load development in cold weather like this. Will post if they reply. There is no crud buildup (like 777) with Blackhorn 209 at all. Are you using the standard breech plug or the blackhorn breech plug? Oct 26, 2015 · Blackhorn 209 is expensive, but it is a lot easier to clean up than Triple 7. Big Game Hunting Blog 28,985 views. Note: These are all volume-measured charges. Urban, I’m using Blackhorn 209 powder and it is real clean stuff. I unloaded and finished without any problems. We are also planning to test Black Dot later. Why is this stuff so hard to find, sounds like the next big thing in muzzin. I ended up with the Blackhorn 209 powder (100 grains by volume), the Harvester 260 PT Shockwave bullet, and CCI Shotgun Primers giving just under 1. As such, I understand Western s desire not to label Blackhorn 209 is a nitrocellulose smokeless powder. Nov 04, 2012 · The manufacturer of blackhorn says that the 209 primers marketed specifically for muzzleloaders aren't hot enough and to use standard 209 primers. BH209 also has a slight problem so far as clogging flame channels with a very hard carbon deposit. 45/70 and found the velocities to be consistent within 10 to 15 fps or so over my chronograph. of Goex 3f and 4f powder that’s about 8 years old. Sep 14, 2011 · I was using Blackhorn 209 and the other hunter was using 777. There was even a person well skilled/trained in metal fabrication that was making breech plugs that would insure that when used with BlackHorn 209 and a HOT 209 primer, you got instant ignition. Using Blackhorn 209 in a Knight MK-85 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. BlackHorn 209 powder uses standard 209 shotshell primers. And after spending some time discussing this problem with the folks at Western Powders/Blackhorn 209, we tend to agree that most of the Knight No. Pain in the ass but thats what I gotta do . My brother-in-law also shoots a Black Diamond and has used Blackhorn 209 in this gun. Blackhorn 209 High Performance Muzzleloading Powder (10 Oz) by WESTERN & ACCURATE POWDER. My guess is that it needs the heat of a shot gun primer to ingnite it consistantly. But remember Blackhorn 209 will not work with the low powered "black powder" primers; they don't have enough heat to consistently and fully ignite Blackhorn 209. I am using CCI Magnum primers. I still shoot BlackHorn 209 out of my Genesis and my Knight Disc with excellent results. Because of its unique formulation, Blackhorn 209 requires a properly functioning ignition chamber more so than black powder and lower quality substitutes – thus poor ignition is not a result of the powder failing or going bad. e. if burnt powder is left in the barrel for any extended period of time, it will at some Apr 02, 2017 · here is a list of most common 209 primers, and their strength, as chronoed from an inline . 95 62 Blackhorn 209 Powder High-Performance, Black-Powder Substitute Steve Gash 22 7. These hotter primers also put more carbon fouling inside the breech plug - and when that carbon builds to a certain level, it can cause ignition problems. I finally got a chance to try the Blackhorn 209 out last weekend and it seems to be a great powder. Shooting T/C Omega "Dream Season" -- started with Powerbelt 338 platinum over 90 grains of Blackhorn 209, using CCI Magnum 209 (209M) Shotshell Primers. This past summer, I shot some matches with my 45-70 and 38-55 using this stuff. I was wondering if any of you has used this powder? There was a write up in the ASSRA journal in Jan. Has anyone else had this issue? Should I be cleaning my breech plug every shot? Blackhorn 209 Powder found in: Accurate Blackhorn 209 Muzzleloader Powder 10 oz, Traditions EZ Clean 2 Breech Plug & Small Parts Cleaner, Traditions EZ Clean 2 Bore Solvent 8 fl. We also liked Triple Se7en, but we wouldn’t buy Shockey’s Gold. I am shooting a CVA Optima and have already got a new Blackhorn 209 breach plug, powder and primers. I checked the Blackhorn 209 website and they strongly recommend using 209M primers. I loaded it the same as I do black powder or a substitute meaning that the loads are slightly compressed. 50 caliber No. thanks before hand Blackhorn 209: Blackhorn 209 is the first non-corrosive propellant for muzzleloaders and black powder cartridges. What shooting I have done with BH 209, did not produce the accuracy that I can get from Tripple Seven . But remember, you clean with solvents and no water. 2009, of it's use in a nice trapdoor. Swabbing between shots or immediate cleaning is not necessary. Aug 20, 2018 · As long as black powder is stored in a dry environment, it should have an indefinite shelf life. There is a lot of useful information to read before you make the switch to Blackhorn. It's non-hygroscopic, meaning changes in the temperature or humidity will not affects its performance (reduces misfires), it can be cleaned with regular oil-based solvents and does not require any special primer. Was going to order from Cabelas until they apply an extra $20 hazmat fee for shipping. My blackhorn 209 misfired again today. Federal 209A that I've always used Have always used 84 weighed grains of Blackhorn 209 with Cecils Dead Center 200 grain bullets just like last year and the lot # of powder and primers are the same also. Not only does this powder work great in muzzleloading rifles, it works great in Black Powder cartridge rifles as well. . The results look outstanding indeed. It is a black powder substitute. For the best results, we recommend the following brands: •CCI 209M •Federal 209A We DO NOT recommend any of the 209 primers designated for muzzleloaders (Winchester Triple 7, CCI MZL, Federal Fusion, or Remington Kleanbore). Tried Gander, Fleet no success. Maybe they r not sure or what I am referring to. Now, this was for igniting black powder or trip7, not BH 209, but the lesson may carry forward. Manufacturer style #: 55545. I finally found the load my impact likes 70 weight grains of blackhorn 209 290 gr. I'm pleased so far, I haven't shot off the bench with it but it's certainly minute of deer already I'll have to go back and shoot for groups another day. Read their website on which breech plugs u can use. The GP rifle used Winchester magnum caps. That has trumped its multiple other problems such as the crud ring, heavy Blackhorn 209 was trademarked by Western Powders on October 20, 2007, and is  Blackhorn 209 is a low residue, high performance propellant for This powder consistently delivers higher velocities and remarkable accuracy. My T/C Omega has shot 1/2" groups using this powder and a Barnes TMZ 250 gr. Apr 30, 2015 · Blackhorn 209 vs 777 vs Goex Black Powder: Which Should You Use In Your Muzzleloader? - Duration: 7:56. Blackhorn simply does not ignite reliably in factory CVA breech plugs. Blackhorn™ 209 Muzzleloader Powder Substitute is a high performance, low residue propellant engineered for modern Inline Muzzleloaders with 209 primer ignition systems. But noticed when putting powder in blackhorn powder tube it says there is only 90 grains instead of 100 grains of volume. I shoot T/C Encore with 100gr blackhorn 209 and 290 gr Barnes Spitfire E-Z bullets. No problems with ignition in my Omega, ever. We shot 60 grains in the three remaining rifles. Free Shipping by Amazon. Our accuracy load at present is 90 grs (by volume) of Blackhorn 209 - WW 209 primer - Lehigh . 32 pushing a patched roundball no powder, just primer alone. And there is not anything holding the bolt up against the primer face solid so the pressuers will go forward not backwards toward your face . These 25 Empty Tubes are EXACTLY the sameas Blackhorn 209 Charge Tubes,Just Without the black ink markings (Clear Naked)!See the side by side examples in the photos. I've used Win 209s for years in a ML10 as they seal the best and have always offered instant ignition with multiple smokeless powders from slow to fast. Has anyone had a chance to try blackhorn 209 powder? Suposed to leave next to nothing in the barrel and fast cleanup with good old hoppes. I can not get blackhorn 209 in my area. Blackhorn 209 muzzleloader powder by Western Powders Blackhorn 209 powder, note the holes Since I do a lot of obsolete cartridge firearms, I decided to load in some of my rifles chambered for the oldies. Apr 12, 2009 · Apparently 209 muzzleloader primers are not as hot so maybe that's why you're experiencing problems. Mar 03, 2015 · I have used WW 209 primers in muzzleloading for about 3 years now, no issues. Most shooters never even consider using it because it costs almost twice as much per pound as APP or real BP. There are many poor designs like these that inhibit instant, positive, proper ignition with Blackhorn 209 or with pellets for that matter. Nov 01, 2017 · (It does need the CVA Blackhorn breechplug for this. Sep 22, 2011 · Hello, everyone. Also has anyone subjected it moisture on a hunt and had any problem's. When I first got my modern inline muzzleloader, I got bad advice from many 209 primers, pelletized powder and sabots are generally O. It seemed kind of odd though, the more I shot of it the easier bullets seemed to seat. Call Harvester Muzzleloader for the correct sabot for your bore. Has anyone experienced corrosion problems with this powder? Thanks. Dec 29, 2008 · Pards, Saw an ad for Blackhorn 209 BP sub. No corrosion issues, no degradation in performance, no crud ring. Works on 2011 or later Accura i shot Blackhorn last week for the first time. I read the Triple 7 is dirty but never used it so don’t know for sure. Jun 15, 2018 · Finally, we found Blackhorn 209. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. This is my first time using it and not sure if it will live up to the hype but I know for sure that it's easier to clean that's for sure. Blackhorn 209 is Smokeless Powder. Nov 15, 2012 · 777 powder is very dirty. That said, Win 209 seal much better and have ignited the BH209 just as well as the CCI 209Ms. Feb 23, 2012 · The second shot delivered a chunk of the 209 primer into my forehead. the makers of Blackhorn 209 " DO NOT" recommend using anything other than the 209 ingnition with this powder. Use a 1/8" drill bit to clean the flame channel ahead of the primer. That's the beauty of Blackhorn 209: it is good to the last drop of powder. This is the best powder I have found no cleaning after each shot and easy cleaning afterwards. Try cleaning your breech plug. Cost per unit might be little higher, but use less per load? Lets hear about it good or bad. Now, after some Googling, a bunch of phone calls (one to Knight) the final verdict seems to be that because the primer sleeve in the conversion kit is plastic the added pressure of Blackhorn MIGHT cause misfire problems. 5” groups @ 100 yards. It's gotten so bad that they started selling breech plugs specifcally made for Blackhorn 209 powder but only for the V2 Accuras. As far as primers I noticed some differences in numbering. Maybe where I've  for a couple of years and have been using Blackhorn 209 powder with it. I don't mind that Blackhorn 209 is only a loose powder because I like to weigh the charges on a powder scale. Oct 14, 2009 · I have heard from many Knight rifle owners who have experienced extremely poor ignition of the powder in their rifles. The residue is a very thin soot layer, and the powder is NON hydroscopic (it don't like water), so cleaning is with regular Hoppe's #9. It is a case by case basis, something that no powder manufacturer can control. p. Blackhorn requires a full strength 209 primer directed directly into powder for sure ignition. Blackhorn 209 vs 777 vs Goex Black Powder: Comparison. com Forums Substitute! By Chuck Hawks. The colder it was the more problems I had. Got a new CVA Optima V2 50 cal. (with 2,353 f. A Guns and Shooting Online contributor wrote to me today (June 21, 2010), to tell me that: "The law enforcement divisions of New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and Colorado Dept. What they discovered is the design of the breech plug was not conducive to the ignition of the powder. Oct 16, 2013 · Went to sight in today with BH 209 first shot no problems Second shot misfired. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it. Get the nipple for blackhorn 209 loose powder and this is the best. 21 BLACKHORN 209 Black Powder Charge Tubes - Clear No Printing & Plano Ammo Case - $13. If you want to give it a try though you definitely want to use the 209 primer ignition system and a load no higher than 100 grains by volume. 25 BLACKHORN 209 Black Powder Charge Tubes - Clear No Ink - - $14. jmo any problems doing this. CCI 209Ms have worked very well in my Omega. Do you have a tight or loose bore with sabots. Western also claims that Blackhorn 209 has absolutely none of the corrosive effects of black powder and most black powder subs. This link provides a data sheet for some of the more popular black powder cartridges. Hard to stock a shop since I still have guys shooting each one. I have been experiencing hang fires from my new Traditions Pursuit ML using Blackhorn 209. GREAT powder if you can accomplish those two things. When i first started using blackhorn ,i had the 25 acp setup on my encore and yes it would fire a shot off 95% of the time with a hangfire which told me that the small pistol primer in the 25 acp wasnt hot enough,so went back to 209 primers and never have had a misfire. I never used bore butter or any of that stuff with no issues. 1 Dec 2008 Blackhorn 209 muzzleloader powder by Western Powders. powder in a recent American Rifleman mag, thought I had seen some comments here on a forum but can't find anything in a 'search' of Blackhorn, Blackhorn 209, etc. Clear labeling for Blackhorn 209 powder  I have used it at -10 with 209's in a Remington ML with a Savage 209 breech conversion without any issues. May 31, 2012 · "Blackhorn 209 is designed to work with standard 209 shotshell primers. Their specss look good as far as left over residue but I am not sure on the powder-bullet weight ratio. Barnes tez. Well, the best way I can describe Blackhorn 209 is that it shoots to the limit of your individual sabot, bullet, rifle and, of course, the nut behind the butt. Blackhorn powder takes a little more oomph to ignite reliably. But, as you may have already suspected, there is a slight down side to shooting Blackhorn 209, or so it may seem at first. 1-24 of 87 results for "blackhorn 209 powder" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. 209 ,209A in federal and magnum 209. To be fair, I have used Blackhorn 209 in the Shadow, KP-1 and Knight Rolling Block without universal issues. said it is not safe to shot there powder in a plunger type muzzle loader do to high pressures . I shoot a couple smokeless powder muzzleloaders. The loose powder has a lot  18 Oct 2011 In this eleventh chapter of Thompson/Center's "World of Muzzleloading" series, we follow Gregg Ritz (http://greggritz. Check out the video below for real world examples of our Remington 209 kit using old copper standard CCI's functioning just fine with BlackHorn 209 If you trying to find special discount you will need to searching when special time come or holidays. ) 3. K. sabot at 100 yards--3" at 300 yards. I have been running CCI 209 primers with a Blackhorn 209 breech plug out of my CVA MR and have not had a hang fire ever. Western Powder’s EZ Check charge tubes are the perfect companion to the world’s greatest muzzleloader propellant. Jul 17, 2015 · Love my Hawkins . Mine shoots just as well as my buddys cheap Optima. Look at the facts: 1. 250". With its slower pressure curve, Blackhorn 209 typically develops higher velocity at lower pressures than other black powder or black powder substitutes. And that was the last BlackHorn I ever shot out of a plunger style rifle. Ignition with 209 primer. Oct 01, 2011 · Several years ago, while duck hunting in Stuttgart, AR, I was in the world famous hunting store, Mack’s Prairie Wings. Apr 12, 2009 · Must use Federal 209s to get the fire going in the Knight with Black Horn. I shot 21 rounds with the new 209 Conversion setup and did not experience one misfire of a 209 primer during this testing. 5" with 100 grs by volume blackhorn 209 barnes 290 gr TMZ sabot. A sidelock's flame path is a bit torturous at best. Sep 13, 2017 · All of the Blackhorn 209 loads we developed were made to match the performance of three pellets of Triple 7 propellant, not in pressure, but in velocity. The only problem is it is very expensive, and there are limited outlets. backed off powder for several shots until I got to 100 gr. $19. Engineered for modern in-line muzzleloaders with 209 ignition Dec 30, 2018 · I use nothing but CCI 209M shotgun primers in my T/C Pro hunter with Blackhorn powder. For modern muzzleloaders with enclosed 209 ignition systems and black powder cartridge. While looking around at the muzzleloading stuff (as I always find myself doing), I noticed a can of powder with a good looking logo called Blackhorn 209 that I’d never seen before, which is owned by Western Powders. Smokeless powder has a very different chemical makeup and and therefore very different burn properties. I switched to blackhorn 209, and shot my tc impact 15 times without swabbing the barrel. By far our patterns have been the most accurate and tightest with the blackhorn 209. When I first started using the Blackhorn I use regular shot gun 209 primers and had trouble with misfires and hangfires. BH209 does not build pressure like smokeless. Depends on the rifle and the breech plug. s. Spray Bottle, Accurate Blackhorn 209. The powder is a little more expensive than say triple 7 but the advantages may outweigh the difference in cost. Jun 07, 2018 · Haha I have the same gun and similar problems I swear the Accura is the biggest sales gimmick. I too bought my first ml in 76. Hornady, 23 grains of Blackhorn 209, Velocity: 1541 fps. Blackhorn . The primers are one of the best you can buy. My brother in law bought a separate container of Blackhorn 209 last year also. We have received reports of ignition issues and hangfires with Blackhorn 209. There is no need to soften fouling as in black powder and that is what black powder lubes basic function is. Oct 15, 2010 · Absolutely love my blackhorn 209!!!! My dad, bro-in-law, and myself have been testing and using different powders for years now. 50 Add to cart CCI Aps Strips #300 Large Pistol Jul 31, 2012 · Blackhorn 209, Parker Ballistic Extremes, Blackhorn 209 vs 777 vs Goex Black Powder: Which Should You Use In Your Muzzleloader? - Duration: 7:56. Accuracy is suposed to be excellent as well. Anybody know where I can find some Blackhorn 209 powder in the Green Bay area. Blackhorn 209, as you can tell from its name, is intended for use primarily with 209 shotshell primers. 15 Jun 2018 Blackhorn 209, Finally a Solution to Black Powder Fouling. Read more; CCI #11 Magnum Percussion Caps (1000) $ 44. Would I shot Blackhorn 209 powder out of a plunger type gun ? ( I would say NO ) , Like Western Co. thanks, don I have used BH 209 for several yrs in inlines and have used it exclusively in my 2 TC Hawken 45/50 cal GM barrels with Mag Spark ignition for long range target,,my problem started when I purchased 2 10 oz bottles of BH209 for developing hunting loads for several TC slow twist barrels ,1-54 /54cal,1-48 /50cal, 1-48 50 cal,and 1-64 H=A under hammer . You will develop a crud ring near the breech plug making a second load sometimes hard. Black MZ. Stainless steel replacement breech plugs modified for Blackhorn Powder. Will the Remington fire Blackhorn 209? Yes, superbly quite well, with no issues. I hardly clean my barrel and never had issues and leave it loaded all year. We did find that smokeless powder lube worked slightly better than black powder lube as it doesn't make quite the mess that black powder lube does. (with 2,400 f. Blackhorn 209 is recommended for high-performance muzzleloaders with 209 primer ignition systems where the primer is TOTALLY enclosed. Blackhorn 209 is not affected by temperature of humidity and cleans with regular solvents. And, if folks know that Blackhorn was smokeless, many muzzleloader shooters would not buy it. 209 primer ignition rifle models. I shot off two pounds of BlackHorn powder. However, an Oct 26, 2015 · Blackhorn 209 is expensive, but it is a lot easier to clean up than Triple 7. with the Nitride barrel shoots 1"-1. A true 209 shotgun primer is nearly 1/4" in diameter, or . The ONLY Non-corrosive propellant available for muzzleloading. If you haven't already, visit the Blackhorn website and read their blogs. Oct 15, 2011 · Duplexing blackhorn 209? Thread not using it with anyother powder. The reason is that Blackhorn 209 contains nitrocellulose and is classified as a duplex powder. Blackhorn 209 Charge Tubes 20-Pack Western Powder’s EZ Check charge tubes are the perfect companion to the world’s greatest muzz. Jun 26, 2012 · New Blackhorn 209 Loads & Ballistics Data This past winter and spring, the NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING website compiled and published several pages of new Blackhorn 209 load data for a variety of . You're trying to shove all that charge through a hole that might be, at best, . You can just use regular gun solvent to clean it up. I believe it is far and away the best of the subs in  [Archive] Blackhorn 209 Black Powder and Cowboy Action Shooting. , comes ready to pull out of the package and use. 2. ) The Blackhorn 209 was all but impossible to find in stock last fall, plus I didn’t feel experienced enough yet to measure and use loose powder, so I opted for White Hots pellets using the standard breech plug, along with the Powerbelt Platinums and Federal primers. By actual weight, a 100-grain volume-measured charge of either Triple Seven Blackhorn 209 will be right at 70 Oct 04, 2009 · I have been doing a lot of research into Blackhorn 209 powder and most of what I have read is positive, but I would like to hear from those who have actually used this powder and hear what they have to say about it. If the gun was exposed to dampness I would fire and clean anyway. If you insist on shooting the BlackHorn 209 out of your plunger gun, do yourself a favor and invest in a pair of shooting glasses that will protect your eye. thanks, don I finally found the load my impact likes 70 weight grains of blackhorn 209 290 gr. Produced by Western Powders, this revolutionary, powder substitute shoots consistently, producing higher velocities and greater accuracy than other propellants. It's not as bad as conventional black powder, but it definitely can  There it says that I can use 120gr of blackhorn and buckhorn 209 loose powders and only 110gr of 777 pellets. In line with another poster, the T/C guns don't seem to have the problem with BlackHorn as the Knights do. Ignition was 100% using musket caps from last year and a couple of years before. ). I have had them as early as shots 2 & 3 after cleaning. I tried blackthorn 209 and had terrible results poor accuracy and a dud or squib load one out of every 3-4 shots so I went back to triple 7 and have not had any problems. So, with all of this, you might think BH209 solved all our problems, right? If you have an older CVA and have tried to shoot Blackhorn 209 you have likely experienced issues. There is one problem that I've seen with itprice. Blackhorn simply does not ignite reliably in  1 Dec 2009 Re: Ignition Problems with Blackhorn 209 in TC Omega. The rifle was clean when loaded for the three days. a properly functioning ignition chamber more so than black powder and lower  Will Blackhorn 209 work in my muzzleloading rifle? What is the problem? of Blackhorn stick to the walls of my plastic speed loaders or powder measure. © 2020 Blackpowder Products Inc ::: Website Design by unu2 multimediaWebsite Design by unu2 multimedia Blackhorn QRBP Breechplug for Accura, Optima, and Wolf. All I use is blackhorn 209 in muzzleloaders. Why duplex the powder? Either 209  I have been doing a lot of research into Blackhorn 209 powder and most of as some one else just posted about this problem with BH209,. All that said, it is a wonderful powder to shoot, but IMO has its drawbacks as well. You may run into delayed fires if you try use anything else. Dixie is testing Blackhorn 209 powder now. Though it comes in granulated form, which is a bit more difficult to load than pelletized powder, it would be easy to load with some speedloaders. I wasn't getting the results I'd hoped for with conventional smokeless powders and was told to try Blackhorn 209. First, as the other hunter pushed his sabot and powder outit came out kinda like a cat turd. 458" 265/275 gr HP in a orange sabot. Blackhorn 209 is a very consistent and effective muzzleloading propellant that is unmatched in its quality and accuracy. Just started shooting the Blackhorn 209 in my T/C Triumph and really like it. Between switching to weighed Blackhorn 209 charges in vials and using the cleaning tool I've solved my problems and those of several buddies. (dryball) Shooting level, ball typically hits the ground at about 20-30 yards. If you do have problems I would look to the Breech Plug design. has any one solved the ignition problem of blackhorn 209 powder in a side lock? ive got the 777 to shoot accurately in 2 guns but would try black horn 209 in a sidelock if it would go off as the others. In short, smokeless powder burns at higher pressures that your factory Pro Hunter will fail at. But I put gun oil to store and it doesn't rust so it's not really bad, you just have to be aware that it  This six pack of powder measure tubes from Western Powders, Inc. May 26, 2018 · With the new laws in WA that allow us to use 209 primers I've decided to go to blackhorn 209 powder. I had no ignition problems with either powders. Consistently performs at higher velocities with impressive accuracy and reduced fouling. We went through pyrodex, triple seven, american pioneer, and now blackhorn 209. It was designed around that ingnition system. It worked nicely in the T/C Strike. Sep 14, 2011 · Poweder trends in muzzleloaders have changed so much over the years, from pyrodex to triple 7 to Clean Shot to Shockeys Gold and now BlackHorn 209 is the hottest selling powder. CVA Blackhorn™ 209 Breech Plug - QRBP made for loose powder, Fits all CVA Inline Muzzleloaders. With that moa I'm good out to 200 yrds. As we went to clean out our guns (just in case powder was ruined) we came across two different conclusions. 77. Since Hodgon’s 777 and Blackhorn 209 are two of the most popular black powder substitutes hunters use these days (check out this article for a more detailed discussion of popular black powder substitutes), I decided to do a comparison to see how they stack up next to each other. Not for use with any special muzzleloading primers, #11, musket or high-powered rifle primers. June 15 . Aug 26, 2010 · Still have not received a reply from the Blackhorn guys on whether they have loads for the MH 577-450. 209 breech plugs are not that well suited for use with this powder. But other factors can still affect the velocities achieved, and that is evidenced right in the ballistics that Blackhorn 209 provides for the powder. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Anyone using or try the Blackhorn 209 powder in there T/C Encore & Pro Hunter muzzle loaders ? Gonna hit the range this week with a couple bottle of Blackhorn 209, I read a ton of great things about this stuff and will try it with a few different bullets and grain loads. 5mm Schmidt-Rubin Cartridge Board - Gil Sengel 24 A 250-Grain Bullet Experiment From the Hip - Brian Pearce 28 SIG 522 Pistol Pointers - Charles E. These Powder Tubes are the easiest way to keep your powder ready while in the field. Only thing that brought the group up somewhat was switching to CCI 209 Magnum primers that I've had forever vs. Comment: Accurate I have a good feel for this powder and the larger the case the more power you can get. Jan 21, 2016 · Blackhorn 209 is legal in all smokeless categories, It is not legal for any of the Black Powder categories. muzzle-loaders. Nov 04, 2013 · Encore Pro Hunter and Blackhorn 209 recipies? General. It's noncorrosive and low residue characteristics allows easy breech plug removal. If your shooting 2" moa at a 100yrds you POI at 300 yrds is 6" which is in the kill zone of any big game. It also requires the load to be tightly compressed. Then ran out to 100 yds -- first shot hit to right in the brisket. com/ Blackhorn 209™ Powder Breech Plug Cleaning - Western Powders of Montana. blackhorn 209 powder, sabots and cleaning between shots If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I dont remember what site it was on but I read an article on 209 primers and the results of this mans testing showed that Fiochi 209's (forgive the spelling if its wrong) and CCI 209's were the hottest primers on the market. Muzzleloading Propellants: Blackhorn 209 Earns an ‘A’ Though nearly twice as expensive, Western Powder Co. Nov 25, 2014 · Be aware that Powerbelt recommends their Platinum line be used with 150gr magnum charges and Blackhorn 209 warns to not use more than 120gr per charge. 50 bullets with Blackhorn 209 powder? - Powerbelt Aerolite - Hornady FPB - TC Shockwave Super Glide If so, which primer type worked well? What bullets weights? What grains of powder (in terms of volumetric measure) worked well? My son has a normal Thompson Center muzzleloader, and has used Blackhorn 209, and it seemed very clean, and you could shoot several rounds without even a patch between shots, without accuracy problems. White Hots are better. With Blackhorn 209, it looks as if that headache could become a thing of the past. I am using 31 grains of the 209 with a paper wad under a 433 grain cast bullet which produces roughly 1200 fps. Open breech rifles like the Wolverine, Bighorn, Staghorn, Buckhorn Magnum, and others do not shoot BlackHorn well. Since BH209 is not a true smokeless powder, I translate it as yes it is legal. I've burned A LOT of BH 209. You will have the bullets touching at 100 yds if you do your part. Black Powder - BH209 Shelf Life Answered - Here is the response I received today from Rob Behr at Ramshot regarding the shelf life of Blackhorn 209: &q BH209 Shelf Life Answered - HuntingNet. Revolutionary Blackhorn 209 propellant is redefining the term accuracy in muzzleloaders. Unfortunately, I’m only allowed to use musket caps in Washington (not sure about Oregon). Hello, I'd like to know if anyone has used Blackhorn 209 in a Knight Disc Extreme ? The reason I ask is because I recently acquired one and was told by someone that I shouldn't use Blackhorn 209 Aug 26, 2010 · Still have not received a reply from the Blackhorn guys on whether they have loads for the MH 577-450. I shoot 200 yards + with confidence while using Blackhorn 209. 3. # 11 caps not reccomended. , might have missed it though. His powder was completely saturated. Tubes Made In The USA! Compare & SAVE $$ They Hold 130grains Loose Powder by Volume. Triple Seven cleans with water. H4895 fills a 45 70 case nicely and is an excellent powder for that round even in the BP firearms. Accuracy was about equal with both rifles. I think I can actually improve on that. I did have a half can of powder clump up on me one time. Top shot below is clean barrel at 50 yds. Apr 12, 2009 · Upping the powder charge to 110 grains of each powder pushes the Triple Seven velocity to 2,018 f. Mar 03, 2016 · More Info: https://www. Nov 04, 2013 · Difference from Blackhorn 209 and Pyrodex, velocity wise? Say you are shooting 120gr max charge of Blackhorn 209 and 150Gr Pyrodex? That was the last time he From what I have seen with Blackhorn 209, it is not the best powder on the market for me. Even better, it is decidedly more energetic than either true black powder or any of the other substitutes. shot 120 grs, rocked my world. Dec 04, 2015 · I got interested in the Blackhorn 209 powder because of all the good things on here about it. It was because it drew moisture from shooting in a snow shower. I have even got several failure to fire situations with the primer going off. That's no different from Hodgdon Triple Se7en pellets, which Hodgdon has always said are for use with 209 primers only. I recently got my first ML rifle, a CVA Accura, and it liked the first load tried--85gr of BH209 behind a 230gr Hornady XTP in a black Harvester Crush Rib sabot, ignited with a Winchester 209 shotshell primer. And Blackhorn comes in a 10 ounce jug. So, the plan is to use 209 shotgun primers, and likely Blackhorn 209 powder. These tubes hold up to 120 grains of powder in each tube and have a volumetric measurement on the side that will indicate how much powder you have in the tube. I use Winchester 209 primers with zero problems. If you have an older CVA and have tried to shoot Blackhorn 209 you have likely experienced issues. ) and the Blackhorn 209 velocity to 2,039 f. now and just this year . Has anyone here successfully used the following . I tried the blackhorn route but just gave up and went back to pellets. Unaffected by changes in humidity or temperature. 10 oz. now that I went to a very hot primer. Oz. "BlackHorn 209 HYPE!!!" I'd heard all the Hype on how Clean This BlackHorn 209 Powder is! It Ain't that Clean! We did Try a few Different Loads with the BlackHorn 209 Powder & it is Grouping better than the Triple7 Powder/Loads We tried a Week ago! Nov 22, 2012 · A brief look at a practical, general purpose 175 yard "set it and forget it" Blackhorn 209 propellant load, using a T/C Pro Hunter and Parker Ballistic Extreme saboted projectiles. Apr 21, 2018 · These powder include Pyrodex, Triple 7, Blackhorn 209, and any pellet forms of powder. Don't need sub MOA with a muzzleloader for hunting. BlackHorn 209® High Performance Muzzleloading Powder is a low-residue, high-performance propellant for muzzleloaders and black powder cartridges. never been kicked so hard in my life. Apr 02, 2017 · here is a list of most common 209 primers, and their strength, as chronoed from an inline . This powder is not suitable for sidelock muzzleloaders. My 10 year old daughter plans to hunt next fall with a muzzleloader, so I worked up this for her load, 200 grain hornady ftx, harvester sabot, and 80 grains of blackhorn. I am using 100 grains by volume of blackhorn 209, Harvestor crush rib sabot and 240 grain lead . Eligible for Free Shipping. Best Prices, Fast Shipping, No Sales Tax! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Here we have a powder that doesn’t clump, doesn’t loose strength in storage like Pyrodex does and it doesn’t build up fouling in the bore or leave the dreaded “crud ring”. Invariably, accuracy questions arise with a new propellant. BlackHorn 209 is the only non-corrosive muzzleloading powder. cannister. When used as directed, this high-performance powder consistently shoots with higher velocities and greater accuracy than other propellants. You'll be surprised how much slag is in there. I’ve got roughly 4lbs. Big Game Hunting Blog 21,806 views Apr 12, 2009 · Westernpowders Inc. of Natural Resources are reviewing analyses of Blackhorn 209 and when they confirm that it is a nitrocellulose base powder, they will issue Nov 04, 2012 · Are you using standard 209 primers or 209 muzzleloader primers? The manufacturer of blackhorn says that the 209 primers marketed specifically for muzzleloaders aren't hot enough and to use standard 209 primers. I tried shooting it out of my Black Diamond XR and while it did fire the powder off, it also blew a chunk of primer back at me that cut in my forehead. Any ideas what I done wrong. Weather-resistant and handy, each charge tube offers a quick reload for your 209 powered muzzleloader. Petty 30 9mm Luger Smith & Wesson Model 952 Stan Trzoniec 8 A Loading Manual Is Essential Reloader’s Press - Dave Jun 26, 2012 · New Blackhorn 209 Loads & Ballistics Data This past winter and spring, the NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING website compiled and published several pages of new Blackhorn 209 load data for a variety of . It does not build pressure like smokeless powders. Blackhorn 209 vs. Jul 07, 2009 · Just wondering what you guy's have settled on for load's with this stuff?I'm still trying to figure out how much powder to use,I've got the bullet figured out. They leave it open to determination. 27. Using standard 209 shotshell primers will give you the best results. However, he used a magnum load of BH209 and well,he wrecked his gun. ’s 209 formulation shot accurately, consistently, and cleanly. May 31, 2012 · It is the only powder that I have used in my TC pro hunter and have upgraded my Knight disc elites breech plugs to the Lehigh breech plug from Knight's plastic jacket style breech plug. I’ve heard good things about it, but I did a little research and noticed that Blackhorn 209 powder is designed to be ignited by 209 primers. It has to be one of the best powders out there. Also, in the past I have occasionally experienced problems with getting a breech plug out after shooting 20 or so rounds with Triple Seven. First of I want to thank you for your interest in Blackhorn 209. 030" in diameter. Shoots about a 2 inch group if I clean it every round. I was tempted to curl up in a fetal position and cry like a little school girl and I'm one M&M shy of 270 lbs. It is over priced and won't work in my traditional guns. I'm probably not comfortable leaving it loaded longer Oct 27, 2017 · Blackhorn 209 is a great blackpowder substitute. Seems everyone has some type of modification to the breech plug to get these other black powder substitutes to work. TC Prohunter and blackhorn 209 powder. It is measured by volume. Veteran Owned Business! Ships on time with tracking, 0 problems with Jan 07, 2014 · That powder later became known as Blackhorn 209 - introduced onto the market in April 2008. Is the life of Blackhorn 209 going to be short and a person will have to buy fresh powder every year? Is that a marketing ploy where the company will sell more powder? Or do you guys think I just had a bad batch of powder. Ozark's Back Porch. I have used Blackhorn 209 in my Shilo Sharps . My Omega takes any combo of powder/primers. It was very pricey, and had some disclaimers about what primers NOT to use in the labeling, but he seems happy with it. Illustration courtesy of Western Powders. Typing your keyword including 11 Blackhorn 209 Muzzleloading Powder Tubes Buy 11 Blackhorn 209 Muzzleloading Powder Tubes Reviews : Get best 11 Blackhorn 209 Muzzleloading Powder Tubes With Quality. Related products. Hello, I'd like to know if anyone has used Blackhorn 209 in a Knight Disc Extreme ? The reason I ask is because I recently acquired one and was told by someone that I shouldn't use Blackhorn 209 Apr 04, 2011 · I have found that Blackhorn 209, being a nitrocellulose based powder, is less affected by high humidity levels as carbon based muzzleloader propellants. I put bore butter in after cleaning, what do the guys who use bh209 use ? No, I haven’t used Blackhorn 209 powder in my muzzleloader. 50 caliber Knight Long Range Hunter that I hunted with that year tended to prefer was the then just introduced 300-grain version of the Scorpion PT Gold. With a mirror and a thumbnail I was able to dig it out. Get their pt scorpion bullet. In fact H4895 is Hodgdons choice for their reduced rifle loadings, (You need to Login or Register to view media files and links) Aug 19, 2019 · Working up a loose powder load for a Colorado elk hunt this September. To insure that charges of Blackhorn 209 continue to ignite and fire without any hesitation means keeping the intrernal passageways free of carbonor, at least, nearly free of carbon. common with blackpowder and other subs are just not there and present no issues. Prior to this hunt, I had burnt close to two pounds of the powder, and the bullet the . by alleyyooper » Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:01 pm. CCI Aps Strips #250 Large Rifle Magnum $ 37. I use 5gr of american Blackhorn 209 is a new High performance muzzleloading propellant brought to you by Western Powders Company. The muskets used Lyman Minnie bullets, Lee REAL bullets and a couple of TC maxie balls (yes, they do exist in 58cal. com/) and Tiffany Lakosky  11 Jun 2010 The original article can be downloaded from their Manzano Valley Outdoors website [PDF link]. I've got ten thousand for Winchester AA reloading and just use them. 429 bullet. It is by far the best black powder substitute on the market. blackhorn 209 powder problems